Being empathetic without being pathetic nor surrendering to the pathological and the temptations of the diabolical

Guilt indicates that someone has empathy and a conscience – and is therefore not a psychopath.

However, with regrettable frequency, it degenerates into guilt syndrome and its various corollaries: emotional self-flagellation, physical self-mutilation, psychological regression to infantile attitudes and all sorts of self-destructive or destructive reactions, which not only prevent the offender from using [...]

Are you an agent of the good or a puppet of evil?

Negligible destructive events within interpersonal relationships would easily degenerate, by domino effect, into situations of calamitous chaos, if it were not for the action of agents of the good who, both inside and outside of dense matter, function in the social fabric as stakes or fence posts that sustain the harmony and stability that [...]

In the foreground

Why rush so much? Why acquire more money, power or prestige?

Answer me with honesty: does this make you happier, more peaceful, more fulfilled?

Love your loved ones, be good to those who deserve it and need it, be charitable toward strangers or adversaries, be kind toward everyone.

Imminent colossal tragedy

We are on the verge of completing exactly two millennia since the events that constituted the apogee of Jesus’ public life, with the culmination of the horrors of the Calvary and the Eternal Glory of His Resurrection.

According to authors of the material domain of existence – and it is not our purpose here to [...]

Would the apocalypse be imminent and inevitable?

Hecatombs with apocalyptic potential are taking shape and multiplying frighteningly, from a human perspective.

The slaughters perpetrated against children and defenseless citizens continue, in a Dantesque and seemingly unstoppable scene, with a clear inclination to worsen and get out of control.

Everywhere, from academic debates to the headlines of respectable news outlets, through the [...]