The Institute

THE QUANTUM LEAP INSTITUTE is a not for profit Christian-Spiritual School of Thought, disassociated from any formal religious affiliation, which primary purpose is to spread ideas that foster spirituality and wisdom, peace and happiness to the largest possible number of people, through the most effective means of mass communication.

Its founder is the medium, writer, public speaker and TV host Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar, who presides the activities under inspiration and supervision of the Spiritual Guide Eugênia, through a practically continuous psychic synergy established after decades of systematic practice of mediumistic faculties (since 1988) – this synergy is peculiar to mediums with collective responsibilities, in the exchange between the physical and extra-physical dimensions of existence.

With its headquarters in Aracaju/Sergipe (Brazil) and main branch in Danbury/Connecticut (USA), the Quantum Leap Institute presents a completely distinct option for the legitimate experience of faith, with an ecumenical and universalist approach, based on the four Gospels of Jesus, the incomparable Master who establishes the guidelines for the genuine moral and spiritual issues. In the field of mediumistic methodology, the Quantum Leap Institute sets its foundation on the literature of the inspired medium Allan Kardec, as well as on the work of the greatest twentieth-century medium (one of the greatest of all times), Francisco Cândido Xavier, and, in the scope of psychological issues, it is based especially on the propositions of the psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Gustav Jung.

Adopting a progressive, interdisciplinary, pragmatic and modern approach, the Institution is committed to keeping itself up-to-date with the new civilizational trends, mainly in what regards the constructive aspects of the scientific findings and customs advancements, stimulating the respect for the uniqueness of each human being and for the value of any social segment, in harmony with the principles of universal evolution, fraternity and concord, aiming at the progressive consolidation of the rule of self-consciousness – the “Voice of God” within every creature. At the same time, it fights vigorously against all kinds of prejudice (particularly defending the ones persecuted by male-chauvinistic, racist and homophobic postures) and vicious patterns of castration, victimization and blame, of submission to family neuroses and retrograde cultural conventions, always disruptive to the greatness, wholeness and evolution of the human spirit.

In accordance with these purposes and the fight for the common Good, the Organization produces the TV program Quantum Leap, the Brazilian TV program on Spirituality been broadcasted the longest (on air since 1994), exclusively focused on the topics of spirituality, the paranormal and depth psychology. Its weekly episodes are aired first-hand by the Aperipê TV (from Aracaju), which is the head network, as well as by an inter-American satellite, and also, subsequently, broadcasted by two North-American TV stations, in the state of Connecticut, and posted on the website of the organization:

The weekly public meetings, centered around a lecture by the medium Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar, under the inspiration of the Spiritual Masters, is one of the oldest activities of the Institution. The lectures currently happen in the pleasant ambience of the “Iate Clube de Aracaju”, with free admission, gathering hundreds of people on Sundays at 6:00 pm, when the healing sessions begin. The meetings also present refined video productions that add modernity and beauty to the Higher Spirituality’s message, besides a fraternal counseling at the end, all available at no cost to the public. The weekly event is sought after by PhD’s, successful professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs of all areas, also being webcasted live (, with simultaneous translation to English.

The Quantum Leap Institute’s website,, launched in November 2000, publishes daily messages of enlightenment, guidance and comfort, in text, audio or video, by the mediumistic work of Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar. Its vast resources, equivalent to 120 average-sized books,  constitute an inexhaustible source of wisdom, and the various matters of today’s time, along with timeless themes, are treated with clarity, openness, depth and pragmatic didacticism, shedding light on the most controversial, complex or subject to taboo and widespread prejudice matters. Associated to the website and more recently created, the Quantum Leap Blog gathers posts and videos produced by some of the Institution’s schoolmate Teachers.

At its headquarters, in Aracaju, there are two weekly study groups open to the public. On Wednesdays, the studies ministered by the more than 50 Teachers assigned by the Direction of the Institution cover messages freely chosen from the magnificent collection of texts on the website. On Fridays, a course about the book “Modern Answers by The Greek Wise Woman – Dialogues with the Spirit Eugênia” takes place.


Also at the headquarters, six mediumistic meetings are held, from Monday to Saturday, under the superior direction of the disembodied Advisers, takes place the communication with disembodied people showing an ample spectrum of spiritual situations, ranging from the extreme evilness, persistent addiction, psychological disorders to the Sublime Plan greatness.


With a different characteristic of allowing contact only with the Masters of Higher Spirituality, the Solemn Mediumistic Meetings happen with the attendance of dozens of components of the other mediumistic meetings, where Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar channels the Teachers of the Extra-physical Domain, who enlighten and comfort the attending disciples, often answering their proposed questions and taking the initiative of presenting personal matters of the audience, bringing up information not only unknown to the medium but also inaccessible to any other person through normal sensory means.


Although the main purpose of the Institution is the instruction and spiritualization of the general population, since 1994, it also develops, with the cooperation of a large and devoted team of volunteers, a significant community development program, at Sister Brigida’s Health Centre, the Organization’s social services headquarters, located in the Santa Maria neighborhood, on the outskirts of Aracaju, benefiting hundreds of people in the community,  by providing various services directed to the promotion of the human being as a whole, such as:

- Medical care;

- Dental care;

- Christian-spiritual Education with 5 classes for 3 to 16 years-old;

- Exercising citizenship rights and duties classes; basic health principles classes, especially to the mothers in the community;

- Ballet classes;

- Music and singing classes;

- English classes;

- Writing classes;

- Computer classes;

- Arts and crafts classes;

- Project for the empowerment of women (“Women who Shine”);

- Reiki;

- Distribution of soup and bread for approximately 200 people, on weekends;

- Distribution of about 230 snacks on Sundays;

- Food pantry benefiting about one hundred families, as well as donation of complete layette to expecting mothers…

Spirituality that respects the intelligence and science of modern days, documents phenomena and translates the wisdom of Higher Plans of Consciousness into the rational and pragmatic language of today.

Come join our Spiritual Family… feel useful to others… give a Higher Purpose to your life, being part of this School of Wisdom… and Happiness!…