Infinite source of graces

She is there, by your side, closer to you than your own breath.

She is the Maternal Face of God, Infinite Goodness and Perfect Intelligence, Whom I merely represent for the earthly civilization.

Fear nothing. Never doubt. Never waver.

Open yourself, in prayer, to the inexhaustible source of graces that flow from Her and [...]

Flexibility, reality and excellence

Sensibly apply the principle of the flexibility of concepts and methods of action, so that you can experience a greater expression of psychological maturity and pragmatic rationality in managing the context of reality in which you find yourself – inexorably complex and ambiguous, in countless layers and dimensions.

And, far beyond this perspective of [...]

Mystery revealed

Charity, in place of punishment.

“Mercy, instead of sacrifice”¹.

Love, in reverse of fear.

Joy, rather than despair.

Gratitude, in substitution for bitterness.

Paradox is a recurring law in spiritual matters. That is why the Christ-Verb Jesus said that anyone who wanted to save their life, wholly, would have to lose it, according to [...]

Unconscious, influence and responsibility

The highlight of 09/10/23 lecture

Omens and the unpredictability of life

The highlight of 11/12/23 lecture