Answers from Heaven and childish beliefs

Genuine Answers from Heaven often take on complex outlines, for they are complete.
An illness that prompts important reflections for undelayable self-correction…
A professional setback that leads to redirection toward more successful routes of service to the common good…

A disappointment with friends, a possible estrangement from family members or a rupture in contact with a spouse that opens up new, happier and more satisfying panoramas of interpersonal relationships…

Frustrations, losses, conflicts, failures and crises, layoffs, divorces, bankruptcies and deaths are never pleasant and, often, they do not foster the easy extraction of the underlying lessons.

However, it is the pruning and storms of Life that impel the human trees in God’s orchard to come back stronger and bear fruits for the collective good, in greater measure and better quality.

Yes, there are also the more obvious divine graces, in the form of gifts that often objectively fulfill what someone expected from on High.

Restricting oneself, however, to this more obvious type of spiritual blessing would be like the childish and capricious attitude of a child who goes to school and only expects to have playful encounters with classmates or tasty snacks at recess.

Let’s remember that there are wars and people dying of hunger, by the thousands, every day, year after year, with Supreme Authorization, which is necessarily benevolent and educational.

The problem for those who are disturbed by the inexorable vicissitudes of the human condition lies in the time horizon. Immediatism constitutes primariness and superficiality of intelligence, intuition and feelings.

To expect from the Divinity – who never violates the free will of creatures, which makes His-Her work in the world much more intricate – immediate and utopian resolutions for the evolutionary issues that are the responsibility of human beings, individually and collectively, is to slip, once again, into the paradigm-analogy of the spoiled child who rebels against the conscientious guidance of instructors in an educational establishment.

Let’s not confuse popular baseless beliefs and superstitions, or even the various dogmatic beliefs of formally organized religions, with the lucid faith of those who know they are dealing with a Reality that is much broader, deeper and more transcendent than their perceptions and cognitive potentials can encompass or even conceive of.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
In the Name of Mary Christ
Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil
March 28, 2024

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