New perspective

The light of truth visits you and you find yourself covered in shadows with a glimpse of the panorama of mistakes you could have avoided in the past. Regret is atrocious and doubt creeps into your mind, even about the quality of your character.

However, friend, we ask you, from the bottom of our hearts: what progress does not generate a new perspective, and what new perspective does not promote a different assessment of one’s own life and reality as a whole?

The fact that you can see flaws in your behavior from another time is unequivocal proof that you have really improved and that, having reached a higher level of maturity and lucidity, you are now able to see what before escaped your blurred vision.

Ironically, therefore, the perception of a ruinous yesterday indicates a bright today with promising possibilities for tomorrow. Thus, your sadness about the past is, paradoxically, an indication that you should rejoice in the present, because of the expectation of a prosperous future that lies ahead.

Make an effort not to fall into the ways of yesteryear. Make a commitment to your Creator to do good in such a way that you are compensated for all the mistakes you have made. But never allow the recognition of your own evolution and the consequent change in your reading of your past falls to sap your strength for self-improvement.

The impulse to change for the better exists for the benefit of all creatures. So don’t misuse this divine blessing and try to spread it far and wide, wherever you go, with as many people as you can reach.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
April 22, 2007



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