Little slips, big disasters

When you ask someone to do for you what is your personal responsibility, most likely the job will not be done to satisfaction. Attribute then to yourself the blame for what happened, instead of projecting it onto the individual entrusted with the task or getting angry with them, because then there will be two initial problems: the precariousness of what was poorly done and the unnecessary conflict with a brother or sister in humanity.

In addition, something more serious will be happening: the intensified recurrence of your disconnection with your own center of consciousness, which knew, from the beginning, the content of the evolutionary lesson that you needed to assimilate with the experience.

By procrastinating self-improvement, you inevitably attach yourself to lines of disastrous future events related to this fault of yours, not to mention any other disorders that unfold within yourself, like spiritual carcinomas of unconsciousness in the structures of your psyche, opening the floodgates of your destiny to misfortunes of unpredictable proportions, number, and gravity.

This is how small acts of moral abatement and lack of sense of self-criticism can lead the creature to perfectly avoidable tenebrous existential paths. It never hurts to recall the undying lesson of the Christ-Verb: “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation”1.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Eugenia-Aspasia (Spirit)
in the Name of Mary Christ
Bridgton, Maine, United States
March 31, 2023

1. Mathew 26:41

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