Falling into the spider’s web 

There is no room for neutrality when we approach serious matters that touch on life, liberty, and the fundamental principles of justice and respect for human dignity.

Such principle extends, ineluctably, to the defense of minority and/or discriminated people or groups, be they victims of any kind of prejudice or depreciation, even if veiled by euphemisms or any other kind of hypocritical courtesy, very typical of those who are attached to conveniences and appearances, instead of aligning themselves with the dictates of their consciences.

In these emblematic circumstances of defining the syntony with the agents and communities that support benevolence, good sense and even the rule of law, if we do not choose the good with unmovable clarity and determination, we will be inexorably, slowly but surely, enticed and swallowed by the forces of evil, which will instill in us excuses even for the unjustifiable.

And many thus fall into a dark web of seductions and rationalizations, trapped in the sap of selfish, short-sighted and hedonistic interests, paralyzed by the poison of sophisms and hypnosis of diabolic geniuses, until the moment of being “devoured” by the spider of the karmic net of disastrous events into which they allowed themselves to be precipitated, voluntarily or involuntarily, consciously or unconsciously.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Matheus-Anacleto (Spirit)
LaGrange, New York, USA
March 11, 2022


Falling into the spider’s web 

Falling into the spider’s web 2




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